Introducing DSA Sample Display Kits

Now that some offices are slowly re-opening and some people are returning, we at DSA are trying to find new ways to stay connected with the design community.

We have decided to offer portable sample kits that can be displayed in your office. We can set up and tear down without contact (if desired), then you would have the freedom to review physical materials on your own. The displays can stay in your office for however long you would like, and we can pick them up when you’re finished.

If you’re not allowing visitors, we’d be happy to mail you a display kit and include a return label so you can send it back when you’re done.

We think this option would be better than photos. Also, we can provide table displays with products that are geared toward the type of projects your firms work on – plus, we could be flexible on the size of the display.  

Below are some examples of displays we have already set up at firms around Atlanta – We include physical samples, literature and product info.  Just let us know if you think this approach would be of interest to you or your company. 

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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